How to Ask a Dentist if You Can Shadow Them

Shadowing is the action of following around a Dentist in their practice to observe procedures and ask any questions you may be curious about.  Shadowing a Dentist gives a student the opportunity to dive into their profession and get first-hand experience on the career they wish to pursue.  Additionally, a student will be able to … Read more

How to Study for the DAT

Many prospective dental students are unsure of how to study for the DAT, or whether they should take prep courses or self-study. The Dental Admissions Test is a four section, four hour and fifteen-minute exam that will test your ability to complete different sections under a restricted amount of time.  Preparing for a test like … Read more

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What Are The Benefits of Flossing?

Flossing and mouthwash are important when attempting to maintain good oral hygiene. Flossing itself is considered to be an essential part of maintaining adequate oral hygiene as it plays a pivotal role in preventing gingivitis and other oral-related diseases. Dental floss adequately reduces bad breath by eliminating and preventing the buildup of plaque which leads … Read more

What are Dental Specializations?

Dentistry is a realm of oral care that provides patients with preventative care and specialty procedures.  A general dentist is licensed to perform all types of treatment, but many will stick to the basics due to preference and leave the tedious procedures to the specialists.  Every student who graduates from Dental School will be comfortable … Read more

What is the DAT?

The Dental Admissions Test is a required exam for acceptance into Dental schools in the United States.  This test provides Dental schools with a universal baseline when judging separate applicants because every University has a different education.  Furthermore, the DAT analyzes a student’s ability to apply the information they have learned through various critical thinking … Read more

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How To Get A Letter of Recommendation for Dental School

Any aspiring Dental student will need to develop relationships with professors on a deeper level than just a participant in the classroom.  A letter of recommendation is a crucial part of anyone’s application because it gives the dental school a respected assessment regarding the character of an application.  This different perspective is usually hidden from … Read more

Is Volunteering Important for Getting Into Dental School?

Volunteering may feel like a monotonous task that students only participate in to become a better applicant for dental school, but with correct research and choice it can be an eventful opportunity that you may even look forward to participating in.  Do you remember receiving help from something in your childhood, and how much that … Read more