What Are The Benefits of Flossing?

Flossing and mouthwash are important when attempting to maintain good oral hygiene. Flossing itself is considered to be an essential part of maintaining adequate oral hygiene as it plays a pivotal role in preventing gingivitis and other oral-related diseases. Dental floss adequately reduces bad breath by eliminating and preventing the buildup of plaque which leads to tartar that is normally found in between your teeth and gums. Many believe that floss is specifically used to keep your teeth healthy, however, practicing good oral hygiene also helps fight against other health related issues such as bronchitis and pneumonia. For male individuals specifically, research has shown that flossing can reduce the potential risk of heart disease for evidence shows a common link of heart disease to periodontal disease. When choosing to neglect the practice of oral hygiene, it indirectly opens a door to many other health related issues such as respiratory infections and inflammation. If you are new to flossing and find yourself overtly bleeding when trying to implement this practice, DON’T BE ALARMED! Sensitivity is normal at first and bleeding gums is nothing to be worried about. Flossing enhances the overall health of your gums which will further prevent any future bleeding so long as you remain consistent. 

Adding Mouthwash to your morning and nightly routine is an effective approach when attempting to practice healthy oral hygiene. It has an uncanny ability to fight off bad breath as mouthwash is most notably very minty. This flavoring isn’t done so by accident, however. This strong, and shall I say, spicy,  flavoring kills off the built up bacteria that is cause for bad breath. Many people believe that mouthwash should only be used after brushing, however, it is also highly effective in removing any excess food or particles prior to brushing. It is recommended you use mouthwash both before and after brushing. Most Mouthwash products have an ingredient found in nearly all dental products: fluoride. Fluoride is a compound that helps stop the formation of cavities while also fighting against periodontal diseases. Additionally, it is an important component in strengthening and building up the enamel. In doing so it helps prevent overall plaque buildup found on both the surfaces/in between your teeth, as well as on the gums. Mouthwash also contain chlorhexidine gluconate which also helps prevent bacterial growth in the mouth.